Woman kills herself because of sex tape shame.

Woman kills herself because of sex tape shame.
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A WOMAN who sent a sex tape of herself to her ex committed suicide after the footage emerged online.


ABUSED: Tiziana Cantone was tormented by web trolls over the sex tape

Footage of Tiziana Cantone performing a sex act on a man was uploaded to the Internet in Spring last year.

The Italian made the video with her new man and sent it to her ex, according to Milan-based news site Blitz Quotidiano.

It would later be circulated on Facebook, WhatsApp and other social media sites, bringing down a wave of online abuse on Cantone.

Bloggers would openly mock her, using her full name, and she became the subject of numerous parodies and jokes.

She was also blitzed by insults and abuse on social media whenever the explicit tape resurfaced online.

The 31-year-old eventually managed to get the video taken off search engines, but it wasn’t enough.

In various ways the video kept re-emerging online and she moved to rural Tuscany to get away.

TRAGIC: An inquest has now been opened into Tiziana's death

TRAGIC: An inquest has now been opened into Tiziana’s death

She had even considered legally changing her name, according to news site InterNapoli.

Now the local public prosecutor in Naples, Francesco Greco, has opened an inquest into her death.

It’s hoped the inquest will establish to what degree her torment over the sex tape contributed to her death.

Teresa Petrosino, a friend of Ms Cantone, told the Corriere Della Sera newspaper she had been “destroyed” by the video.

She said: “Those videos have forever changed her life. The last time we met, however, she seemed a bit better.

“She had spoken of her desire to leave everything behind, and to close with the past.

“I wonder how anyone can be so fierce and rage against a girl who has not done anything wrong.

“I think that all those who have filled the web with insults but secretly watched the images should be ashamed.”

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